Private Cybersecurity


Multinational technology firms, most notably Microsoft, have recently been using the language and trappings of international diplomacy to help cultivate political influence globally. How do firms seek to shape international normative orders around cybersecurity and the appropriate role of private actors? What is the political role of recent ‘bandwagons’ of firms, such as Microsoft’s ‘Tech Accord’? This project is housed at, and funded by, the Normative Orders Research Cluster at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.

Project PIs: Anjo Peez, Robert Gorwa, Nicole Deitelhoff



. Cyber Conflict in Political Science: A Review of Methods and Literature. International Studies Association (Toronto, March 27-30), 2019.

Project SocArXiv

. Tech Companies as Cybersecurity Norm Entrepreneurs: A Critical Analysis of Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord. Hague Conference on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace, (The Hague, November 5-7), 2018.

Project SocArXiv