As part of my interest in technology companies, I’m interested in how large tech firms (e.g. Microsoft) have come to be seen as major actors and norm purveyors in cybersecurity. Anjo Peez and I have begun a project in Frankfurt investigating the norm angle, and I have presented on the role of private actors in cybersecurity practices at the Hague Cyber-Norms Conference, the International Studies Association annual meeting, and other major conferences.


. Cyber Conflict in Political Science: A Review of Methods and Literature. International Studies Association (Toronto, March 27-30), 2019.

PDF Project

. Tech Companies as Cybersecurity Norm Entrepreneurs: A Critical Analysis of Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord. Hague Conference on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace, (The Hague, November 5-7), 2018.

Project SocArXiv