Two new book chapters out this summer

I have two book chapters, both of which were written in 2018, finally out in published (and open-access) edited book form.

First is an article on the limitations of transparency as a form of accountability in the practice of platform regulation, with an overview of the major transparency-related policy measures implemented by Facebook in the years that followed the 2018 US election. It’s co-authored with St. Antony’s Professor Timothy Garton Ash and appears in a wonderful book edited by Nate Persily and Josh Tucker, with chapters from Rasmus Nielsen, Daphne Keller, Frank Fukuyama, and others. It’s all available as a PDF from Cambridge University Press.

The second chapter was just published as a book on cybersecurity and governance put together by a team at the Hague Cyber Norms project. The chapter, which is co-authored with my friend Anjo Peez, provides a critical assessment of the Microsoft ‘Tech Accord’ and of efforts by industry to engage in strategic advocacy, branding, and norm-setting efforts. That chapter is available open access on the Rowman and Littlefield website.